Lumír Šindelář, Wind, 1975
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Minted in the Heart of Europe.

Money and the Medallic Art in Czecho/Slovakia

The presentation comprises some 180 numismatic objects, of which 25 come from the collection of the National Museum. The Dresden holdings will thus be complemented by the loan of some outstanding exhibits that have never before been displayed in Germany. Legal tender and works of medallic art will be on show dating from 1918 to the present.

  • DATES 14/08/2021—31/10/2022
  • Opening Hours daily 10—18 , Tuesday closed
  • Admission Fees normal 14 €, reduced 10,50 €, under 17 free, Groups (10 persons and more) 12,50 €
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Nach dem Zerfall der österreichisch-u

After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the Czechoslovak Republic was proclaimed in 1918, marking the dawn of a new era for our neighbouring country. The presentation will discuss important stages in this momentous period, such as the annexation of the Sudetenland in 1938, the 1968 Prague Spring, the Velvet Revolution in the winter of 1989 or the dissolution into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993.


Aus der Tschechoslowakei gingen 1993 d

A host of coins, commemorative coins and banknotes shed light on a process of development that took more than a century. These forms of legal tender thus reflect the political and social conditions of the time while also constituting some exceptional works of artistic design.

Czechoslovakia had a prolific tradition in the field of medallic art extending back to the first half of the 20th century. In modern times, this genre is characterised by its creative and experimental ideas. Well-known Czech and Slovak art medallists continue to earn recognition outside their own countries to this day.

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Tschechoslowakei, 100 Kronen auf den 30. Jahrestag der Unabhängigkeit, 1948 Silber, Ø 31,2 mm


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Ausstellungsansicht "Geprägt im Herzen Europas. Geld und Medaillenkunst in der Tschecho/Slowakei"
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